Ex Libris…and a small finish!


While I was at work on Monday, I had a 17 year old patient and we started talking about a bunch of different stuff. I love kids of all ages but I think I probably bond more with the teen/young adult patients, probably because I have teenagers myself. Anyway, we started talking about books and how much we both love to read. She is a cute girl with lots of friends and a boyfriend but she told me the librarian at her school is probably her best friend, because she loves to read so much and spends so much time there. I loved that! She reminds me of myself at that age in the fact that she goes through so many books and would rather read than do just about anything, even watch TV or go shopping (although my librarian in high school was kind of grumpy and was definitely not my best friend 🙂

So yesterday was my day off and I decided to finally get a library card. I haven’t been to the library in ages – I usually just buy my books. But I am so glad my patient inspired me to start going to the library again. I was hoping they would have The Girl on the Train but I had to get on a waiting list for it. Oh well. I was still able to check out 2 other books on my temporary card:


(please excuse my dusty table, I’ve been too busy sewing to clean up around here)

With all the money I saved on books I was able to make a little visit to the quilt shop for some fabric! In keeping with the literary theme of the day (haha) I ended up buying a panel from the Ex Libris line by Alison Glass and some Kona in a color called Sangria (which might just be my new favorite color…it is so pretty in person!):



I wanted to make something small, to take a little break from My Small World quilt and the king sized Mad Stars quilt. I decided that a new makeup bag was in order, since my current one is overflowing:


I ended up making a wide mouth zippered pouch using the quilt as you go method and I found this video on youtube that has a great tutorial for a quick and easy way to make this type of bag. I added some straight line quilting to the top of the bag, even though it doesn’t really show up in these pictures. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it even holds my big eyeshadow!!


On another note, I am trying to meet some of the other bloggers in the 2015 New Blogger group. I haven’t been the best at this because I have been sewing a lot, but I really do want to meet the other bloggers. I did have the opportunity to read a blog called midgetgemquilts and I highly recommend that you check it out if you get a chance! It is written by Helen, who is part of the Quantum Quilters Hive (the same one that I am in), which is a sub-group of the 2015 New Bloggers. She was kind enough to leave a comment on my last post and so I reciprocated and went to her site. I am so glad I did, she writes about quilting, family, travel, and coincidentally enough, BOOKS! It seemed to go together with my bookish post so I wanted to mention her blog here. She has interesting posts along with some book reviews (which is right up my alley and I now have a list of books I want to read! I will be putting that new library card to good use, I tell you!) And to top it all off, she said that if she could invite any 4 people to dinner, one of them would be Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII because her story often gets overshadowed by Anne Boleyn. How cool is that?  Pretty cool in my book (pun intended)….

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9 thoughts on “Ex Libris…and a small finish!

  1. Ex Libris is gorgeous, isn’t it? I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the blog hop. I completely agree with Helen on the Jane Seymour/Anne Boleyn thing. History always paints Jane as being very proper and slightly boring. Maybe there’s not a lot of surviving evidence about her personality. I’m not entirely sure as I haven’t studied the Tudors in enough detail to sift through primary sources. Also, there may have been some meddling by her family (as he brothers were very influential at court until Edward’s death) to hide anything they thought was unseemly. It’s very intriguing.

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  2. I love to read, but I have really dropped the ball this year. I thought I would make a book suggestion. It’s called Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. I stumbled on to it in a book store and bought it on a whim. I laughed my butt off at it. Every chapter is really it’s own story. Jenny is a blogger (non quilting) and just writes about her life. The whole time I read it I kept thinking this really happened??


  3. Did you know that many libraries also have books and audio books you can borrow online? I use my card to check out books and read them on my phone all the time (you could also read them on a tablet or e-reader like a kindle).

    The make-up bag is adorable and also, Hello from the new quilt blogger group!


    • Thank you Carrie! Nice to meet you, I have slowly but surely been checking out other bloggers’ sites so I’ll be sure to stop by and visit yours later today! Thanks for the tip about the ebooks, my husband has a nook and loves to read, too


  4. Hi amy , just read your blog post and so
    So flattered and pleased to get your lovely write up ! That makes It all worthwhile
    And I’m so glad you joined your library !!


  5. Really enjoyed reading about you Amy. I’m slowly getting around to all the hop posts for this week. It’s a lot, what with my own posts, replying to comments and then visiting…which brings me to Helen! Love her. We’ve chatted several times back and forth, I just so love finding new like-minded friends. I, too, LOVE to read, and love my library (I like how you said the money you saved went to fabric…I’ll have to remember that, as I don’t buy many books, just get them out of the library, and sometimes at Goodwill) anyhow, I’m currently reading one Helen recommended by an Italian author, just started it yesterday, too funny! Love that pouch, then again, I sure do love bags, little and big. 🙂


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