Officially Obsessed


After a whole day of obsessively choosing, cutting and piecing fabric, I have finished the first column of the second portion of part 1 for My Small World quilt. I even ended up making a run to the fabric store to find the “perfect” strip of fabric for one of the sides…


I ended up with these 3 fat quarters that I think are perfect for this quilt. I ended up using the Kaffe Fossett with the houses (I had seen this on someone else’s quilt on Instagram and loved it so I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it at the store). I also love the the other two prints as well so they will be making an appearance somewhere in this quilt.



I have, however, been struggling with the template piecing portions in this quilt. I finally decided to deviate from the pattern and use some applique where I can and also I’ve been substituting traditional pieced blocks of the same size in place of some of the template pieced ones.  I want to try my hand at paper piecing some of these sections but for now I’m just kind of going in my own direction and I’m loving it.


I’m hoping to have part one done in time to take it with me to the Modern Quilt Guild Meeting on Wednesday evening. It will be my first meeting and, you know, I want to make a good first impression (so the cool kids will like me!) Wish me luck!


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