My Small World QAL – I’M IN!

I saw a picture of this quilt and just knew that I had to make it! It is a quilt by Jen Kingwell and is featured in the Spring 2015 Special Issue of Quiltmania Magazine:


Something about this quilt just speaks to me. I think it’s a combination of the tiny pieces and intricate details as well as the whole ‘exotic foreign lands’ theme that I am always drawn to that makes me want to take on this project so badly. It is not a beginner quilt, but there is a quilt along taking place that starts in May and ends in September (a relatively gentle pace). There are portions of this quilt which involve curved piecing as well as English Paper Piecing with LOTS of tiny pieces, but I am hoping that what I lack in experience I will make up for in enthusiasm!

quiltmania 2

Plus, there are 6 hosts for this QAL who will be posting helpful tips for each of the 6 quilt sections.(Please note that they will not be posting the pattern itself, for that you must buy the special Quiltmania issue). I am confident that I will be able to finish this quilt with the help of the quiltalong hosts, . That is not to say that I won’t dissolve into a heap of tears come July, or that  will finish by the end of September along with everyone else, but I am determined that I will finish this one. If you are interested in participating, verykerryberry has posted all the relevant details along with some helpful links. There is also an Instagram group with the hashtag #mysmallworldqal that I highly recommend checking out, even if you are not going to participate in the QAL. It is really fun looking at all the different interpretations of this quilt. Cuttopieces has a really cool NIGHT version that I am already really loving!

I have already started to pull some low volume fabric from my stash for the sky (that is another great thing about this quilt – you will be able to use a lot of scraps from fabric you already own) But I didn’t realize how hard it would be to choose which fabric to use!



I think I am just going to start cutting these and not overthink it. The pieces are small enough that it won’t be too much waste if I decide not to use something.

Because really, if I can’t even make it through this part, how am I going to make it through EPP?


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